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Our mission

Our mission is to give our customers the perfect marketing service combination possible.

About US

Genicks, Inc. is a technology company that provides products and services to our customers making their computing experiences more efficient, beneficial and cost effective. Bottom line, we offer support and peace of mind to those who range from computer experts to those who have little command of computer skills and understanding.

Genicks, Inc started in 2012 as an electronic store providing service and advise in the Tri State area. Over the next 5+ years, what started as a small store grew into a quality online support company in the NYC Metro region. we, worked with entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses to enhance, revamp and build quality institutions.

Genicks, Inc is an ingenuous young company with a set of valuable skills and experience. Managing and promoting projects across the United States and internationally. Genicks, Inc maintains strong interests in Marketing, Business Management, Design, Technology and international business.